Story Books and Story-Workbooks By Grade Level



81 Roses
Playful Numbers
The Baby Is Born
Who Could We Be?

First Grade

I Am A Very Happy Boy
One Out of Seven
The Little Dreamer
The Weird Story Of 24

Second Grade Part I

The Happy Puppet
Where's My Nose

Second Grade Part II

The Magic Box
Summer School in the Old Days
Summer School 0's Discovery

Third Grade Part III

Rollerskating 37
Singing Friends
The Little Donkey

Third Grade Part IV

Dancing Friends
I Am Not My Name
To Picture

Fourth Grade Part I

Halloween Puzzles
A Strange Country
The Island of Tam Tam

Fourth Grade Part II

Clinton Street
Nabu Wins an Award
The Square Trap
Two By Two
A Book About Me

Fifth Grade Part III

1000's Dream
Seven Secret Numbers
Summer Camp

Fifth Grade Part IV

Hidden Treasure
Not Too Close
Shunda"s Newsstand
A Valentine Mystery

SixthGrade Part V

Election in the Number World

Sixth Grade Part VI

A Very Strange Neighborhood