I am a parent of a beautiful ten-year-old girl and one of the major authors of the final experimental revision of The Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP.) When McREL stopped supporting the materials I began to digitize the materials to use with my daughter and to share with my faculty members at Buffalo State College.  

In 2003, Brian McNulty of McREL signed the archives of the project to me, with the understanding McREL owns the copyright and that I would make these available to the educational community on a not for profit basis. Since there are still many users of CSMP the site is available for your personal use. The electronic files contained in this site McREL extend its permission to reproduce as many copies as is necessary for the school (district) to meet its own internal needs. By using this permission, the school (district) acknowledges that McREL is the owner and copyright holder of the Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP).

CSMP was developed to be an exemplary curriculum by National Institute of Education for others to emulate.  While many pieces have been adapted, some thirty years later there are few curricula that compare. We have spent many hours digitizing the materials and as technology gets better we will continue to improve them.

This project is not funded at present. It is a labor of love and a tribute to the genius of my fellow colleagues that developed it.  Namely:  Clare Heidema, Richard Armstrong,  Pamela Pedersen, Edward Martin, Janis Schweitzer and the late: Burt Kaufman (originator), Jim Harpel, 
Frédérique Papy and Joel Schneider. The archives contain the complete collection of some thirty other projects of the new math era.  I am seeking funding to digitize, categorize and make available, as I have done here.

Many thanks to Clare Heidema for her assistance and David Frost for his assistance in making this available to you.   

Do to many requests, we are presently working on Flash programs of the Minicomputer, Arrow Roads and the String Game.  Please sign the guest book so we can keep you informed of these developments.

Please feel free to email me with questions or refer to our forum.

Tom M. Giambrone

Professor of Mathematics
Buffalo State College.