Mathematics Resource Project.

The Oregon Project is a pleura of fun and high qualities activities.   These materials are appropriate for intermediate grade students but can be used with older or younger groups.   Some activities are dated but always referenced to update the information.

These are ready made materials to be completed individually or in small groups. The answer are in blue and if you print them in black and white they will not be visible.  The table of contents is linked to the sections of the materials. 

Special Thanks to Alan R. Hoffer for releasing copyright for the this project for you to use. Thank you Dr. Hoffer for you excellent work and dedication to quallity instruction.

Tom M. Giambrone

Mathematics and Society

Activities connecting mathematics to Music, Biology and other disciplines

Numbers Sense and Arithmetic Skills

Activities in Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals

Ratio, Proportion and Scaling

Activities to encourage Ratio and Proportional thinking.

Statistics and Information Processing

Lots of interesting activities for exploring Probability and Statistics.

Geometry and Visualization

Activities for exploring Geometry and Measurement

Brought to by the generosity of Buffalo State College and Tom M. Giambrone Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Buffalo State College.   All inquiries please email giambrtm(at)
Math Dept at